Setting Up Dev Environment & Eclipse
  • Install the Sun Java Wireless Tool Kit
  • Install Eclipse like you normally would and then install the Subclipse  plugin. Restart Eclipse when prompted.
  • In Eclipse, go to Window > Preference > Java ME and enter the directory where you installed the Sun Java WTK in the WTK Root field.
  • Then go to the Window > Preference > Java ME > Device Management and click the Import... button.
  • In the pop-up window, click the Browse... button and navigate to your Sun Java WTK installation directory and click Finish.
  • Press OK to save and close the preference dialog.

Getting the Code

Get the source code from SVN:


If you installed and setup the BlackBerry JDE Plug-in for Eclipse, all you need to do is press ALT + B (alternately, you can navigate to the Project menu > Build Active BlackBerry Configuration) to build all active BlackBerry projects.  After the project builds, the JAR, COD, and JAD files will be created in the pocketjira-bb project.

Signing the COD

You can skip this step if you plan on running the PocketJIRA application on the BlackBerry emulator.  However, you are required to sign the COD file in order for it to run on the phone since the application accesses device APIs. 

Be sure you have correctly installed and configured the BlackBerry Signature Keys.

To sign the COD after building it, navigate to the BlackBerry menu and select Request Signatures... In the dialog that comes up, press the Request button and enter the password key to sign the CODs.  After the CODs have been signed, they will be placed in the pocketjira-bb project.

Running in the BlackBerry Emulator

After downloading and installin gthe BlackBerry Email and MDS Service Simulator Package, simply double-click the MDS executable to start the service simulator. This enables the BlackBerry emulator to connect to the Internet.

Now start the BlackBerry emulator...

Running in a Real BlackBerry Phone

When running the PocketJIRA application in a BlackBerry phone, you will need to sign the COD file in order for it to run on the phone since the application accesses device APIs (see above for instructions on signing the COD).  

Be sure you have installed the BlackBerry desktop software that came with your BlackBerry phone. If you have not, you can download the the desktop software here:  

After the BlackBerry desktop software is installed, be sure to add C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry JDE 4.5.0\bin to your PATH environment variable.

Connect your BlackBerry phone to your desktop computer via a USB cable. Close the BlackBerry desktop software if it automatically opens after connecting your phone to your computer.

Now in a command prompt console, navigate to the directory where the COD file is located. To load/update the PocketJIRA project, execute the following command:

JavaLoader.exe -u load pocketjira-bb.cod

To unload/remove the project from your BlackBerry phone, execute the command:

JavaLoader.exe -u erase PocketJIRA