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Release Notes - PocketJIRA for BlackBerry - Version

Released on October 9, 2009


  • [PKTJRABB-98] - Issue Details Screen: After getting a "HTTP 413 Error", selecting View More Fields causes crash
  • [PKTJRABB-101] - When adding a new Favourite Filter via JIRA-proper, synching with PocketJIRA and selecting the new filter doesn't yeild correct results
  • [PKTJRABB-102] - Issue Fields Details Screen: After editing fields in JIRA-proper, PocketJIRA doesn't show updated fields after refresh
  • [PKTJRABB-113] - Swtiching between account logins in certain Screen doesn't work
  • [PKTJRABB-116] - After switching account/login, the Screen history (via back/ESC button) causes application to hang
  • [PKTJRABB-117] - NPE when viewing IssueDetailedFieldsScreen after getting a "HTTP 413 Error"
  • [PKTJRABB-118] - The Issue Fields Screen title is empty when the Issue throws a "HTTP 413 Error"
  • [PKTJRABB-120] - Update Browser doesn't open (display)


  • [PKTJRABB-99] - Add line-wrap to Default Issue Fields

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