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Release Notes - PocketJIRA for BlackBerry - Version 0.3

Released on October 27, 2009


  • [PKTJRABB-85] - Accounts are not saved when upgrading to a new version of PocketJIRA
  • [PKTJRABB-104] - Black gap/space between Screen title and main component in OS 4.6
  • [PKTJRABB-111] - Handle SOAP Exceptions better and display in user-friendly text
  • [PKTJRABB-122] - Usernames with spaces breaks the Issue Navigator
  • [PKTJRABB-123] - Login, exit out of app, then log back in - results in a HTTP 500 error.
  • [PKTJRABB-138] - Workflow Action: "No editable fields" causes app to hang
  • [PKTJRABB-139] - Resolution field is missing from the Issue Detailed Fields Screen
  • [PKTJRABB-142] - NullPointerException from SoapSerializationEnvelope.getResponse() when performing "Resolve Issue" Worklfow Action


  • [PKTJRABB-32] - Improve the BorderedTextField to look nicer
  • [PKTJRABB-97] - Refactor Remote Services to use SOAP
  • [PKTJRABB-109] - Format date in Comments Screen
  • [PKTJRABB-110] - Remove the second (bottom) horizontal line of the comment header
  • [PKTJRABB-114] - Add a checkmark next to current login account in the menu
  • [PKTJRABB-126] - Format date in Issue Details Fields Screen
  • [PKTJRABB-127] - Add "Saving..." dialog when adding a new Comment
  • [PKTJRABB-128] - Modify SoapObject class to include setProperty(propertyName)
  • [PKTJRABB-143] - Empty Assignee field should display "Unassigned" instead of blank

New Feature

  • [PKTJRABB-88] - New Feature to Add New Comments
  • [PKTJRABB-90] - New Feature to Edit Default Issue Fields
  • [PKTJRABB-91] - New Feature to Edit Issue Description & Summary
  • [PKTJRABB-125] - New Feature to Allow Workflow Actions
  • [PKTJRABB-145] - Add expiration to demo and beta versions of PocketJIRA