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Release Notes - PocketJIRA for BlackBerry - Version 0.3.2

Released on November 10, 2009


  • [PKTJRABB-133] - "Exception getting issues by query: Connection Closed" when viewing Issue Details
  • [PKTJRABB-140] - When wrong URL is entered in the Login Page a Null Pointer Exception is thrown in the dialog
  • [PKTJRABB-148] - Customer Issue: User gets connection timeout when checking for update and if beta is expired
  • [PKTJRABB-157] - Attempting to login with version 0.3.1 error


  • [PKTJRABB-12] - Update connection error message
  • [PKTJRABB-39] - Find Issues Screen: Choices in drop-down should be left-aligned
  • [PKTJRABB-121] - Update "Lite Version" popup dialog message
  • [PKTJRABB-130] - Improve EditText Fields to support symbols and word-complete.
  • [PKTJRABB-132] - Add better Exception and Connection Error Handling
  • [PKTJRABB-135] - Add animated gif for all "Loading..." dialogs
  • [PKTJRABB-144] - Refactor connection settings to handle various connection types and vendors
  • [PKTJRABB-147] - Add key listener to edit fields that opens the EditScreen
  • [PKTJRABB-159] - Allow to Add Comments in Lite version

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