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Release Notes - PocketJIRA for BlackBerry - Version 0.3.3

Released on November 16, 2009


  • [PKTJRABB-137] - Black gap below Screen Title
  • [PKTJRABB-161] - Invalid login URL causes NullPointerException if it returns http status 200
  • [PKTJRABB-163] - Editing or performing a Workflow Action on an issue that has been previously viewed in another filter caues app to crash
  • [PKTJRABB-170] - ClassNotFound Error with PocketJIRA 0.3.2 (Beta)
  • [PKTJRABB-177] - JIRA 4.0 doesn't handle issue navigation paging correctly
  • [PKTJRABB-182] - Adding a new Work Log entry in Storm throws IllegalArguementException


  • [PKTJRABB-162] - Add Support for OS 4.2.1 and higher devices
  • [PKTJRABB-169] - Work Log: After adding new worklog, the Time Tracking Screen should be displayed
  • [PKTJRABB-171] - Edit Issue Screen: Due Date field is too wide and needs to be left-aligned in OS 4.6+
  • [PKTJRABB-173] - Fix fonts in Comments header and Issue Summary
  • [PKTJRABB-176] - Fix error dialog message when trying to Log Work or view Time Tracking on an Issue that does not exist.
  • [PKTJRABB-180] - Display human-readable estimate in Time Tracking edit field

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