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Release Notes - PocketJIRA for BlackBerry - Version Pro

Released on March 03, 2010


  • [PKTJRABB-74] - Comments Screen: Formatting of comment header is too big
  • [PKTJRABB-156] - Editing or performing Worklfow Action with a required Custom Fields causes Exception
  • [PKTJRABB-178] - Viewing Time Tracking doesn't put focus on last work log
  • [PKTJRABB-184] - Time Tracking: Bar Graphs doesn't display properly on low-res screen
  • [PKTJRABB-193] - cant move my cursor from the Username field to the password field
  • [PKTJRABB-197] - Only One Custom Field is Displayed per Tab for TST-1
  • [PKTJRABB-203] - NPE When Trying to Edit an Issue that Is Too Large
  • [PKTJRABB-204] - After Saving a Comment, Pressing the Back/ESC Button Will Go Back to the Add Comment Screen


  • [PKTJRABB-155] - Add better handling of required fields when editing an issue
  • [PKTJRABB-160] - Refactor Editing/Saving of Issues, Comments, and Fields to stay on its Screen until saving succeeds
  • [PKTJRABB-186] - Modify multiple Account/Login message when max is reached for PocketJIRA Lite
  • [PKTJRABB-187] - Update Edit Issue Screen to Save via menu instead of ESC/BACK key
  • [PKTJRABB-188] - Update Add Comment Screen to Save via menu instead of ESC/BACK key
  • [PKTJRABB-196] - Add Preference for the Number of Custom Fields per Tab
  • [PKTJRABB-198] - Improve Edit Issue Screen key listener when editing an issue
  • [PKTJRABB-200] - Disable Auto-Capitalization in Edit Fields
  • [PKTJRABB-207] - Add Ability to Copy/Paste when Editing Issues

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