Setup & Installation

Supported JIRA versions

PocketJIRA currently supports JIRA versions 3.13 up to the latest 4.x.  Support for older versions up to 3.4 are planned for a future release.

Enable the JIRA RPC plugin

Before you use PocketJIRA to access JIRA, you need to ensure the RPC plugin is enabled on the JIRA installation you are targeting.  First you need to check if the Accept Remote API Calls has been enabled in 'General Configuration' under 'Global Settings' in the left-hand menu:

Then you need to enable the JIRA RPC Plugin in 'Plugins' under 'System' in the left-hand menu:

 If the plugin does not appear as above then your RPC jar has not been properly installed. Download the jar from the repository and copy it to the atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/lib folder of your JIRA installation. Perform a restart and your plugin should appear.

Your server should now be ready to accept remote procedure calls.

You can verify everything is set up correctly by accessing your JIRA server in a browser and appending the following URL:


For example, if you view you should see the following page:

If you do not see this page or you are getting an HTTP Status error, then your JIRA configuration is not setup correctly.